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Modern Ballistics

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This is the web home of Modern Ballistics: the world's most sophisticated small arms exterior ballistics program for the personal computer. It runs on all modern Windows (Win98 and greater) computers.  In addition to the usual tables and graphs of drop, velocity, and windage, Modern Ballistics has these unique features:

Sight Angle. Most long range shooting instructors refer to your gun having a "Zero" that depends on the altitude, temperature, bullet velocity, and ballistic coefficient of the bullet. This is wrong. The gun is constant with respect to the environment. The drop of the bullet changes, not the scope setting. This scope setting is referred to as the "Sight Angle" and is unique to Modern Ballistics. This unique way of looking at exterior ballistics makes a dramatic simplification to practical application of modern computing power to the solution of predicting the path of the bullet once it leaves the muzzle of your firearm.

Generate probabilities of hits.  These are based on your wind error estimates, muzzle velocity standard deviations, and inherent accuracy of the load in the gun.  

Simulate the sight picture.  See various target shapes and sizes with different types of iron and optical sights at user selected range, and conditions.  See how your hold must vary at 300 yards versus 800 yards. Change the wind, altitude, temperature or other conditions and compare your hold compared to the ideal hold calculated by the computer.  

Tracer simulation.  Enable the tracer simulation to see the entire path of the bullet from your muzzle to the target and beyond.  Watch it arc up and curve with the wind on its way to a distant target.

Group sizes.  Simulate the effect of wind estimation errors and shots per group on the total size of your groups.  Is a 1.5 inch ten shot group better accuracy than a 1 inch three shot group?  Use this program and find out.  Compare the use of a somewhat inaccurate but wind resistant cartridge with that of a more accurate but less wind resistant cartridge -- under what conditions would you chose one or the other?

Windows Phone Field Ballistics. What is useful for your desktop computer in your home is not what you need in the field trying to make a shot at a moving target 500 yards away on a cold day far from your training range. Using the same powerful and unique Sight Angle way of solving the exterior ballistics problems you can get your ballistics solutions via your Windows Phone. Field Ballistics was written especially for Windows Phone. Use the same fast and accurate algorithms in Modern Ballistics anyplace or time you with your Windows Phone.

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Note to Law Enforcement -- Restrictions

This powerful program is not for everyone.  We will not sell this program to government law enforcement entities that deny basic human rights, such as the right to keep and bear arms.  For this reason all national government law enforcement agencies are prohibited from using this program.  See the Restrictions page for more details.

Please keep in mind that this restriction is not aimed at the individual LEO.  A very high percentage of the law enforcement community are in support of the individual right to keep and bear arms and the Bill of Rights in general.  It is the politicians that do not appreciate it and demand the LEO enforce these unjust laws.  As an individual you are welcome to use this program.  It may not be used on any computer associated with law enforcement in national government or in restricted states.

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